Rana Rice Mills is a comprehensive rice mill. The operations cover from paddy procurement to rice processing ,polishing ,grading , color sorting, packing, loading & dispatch of required quality of rice that meets buyer's requirement.

Product Range

              1- Aromatic Super Basmati Rice

              2- Kainat 1121 Basmti Rice

              3- Basmati 1509 rice

              4- Non Aromatic Long Grain PK-386

              5- Non Aromatic C9 Long Grain Rice

              6- Processed Rice By-Products

Processes Available

              1- Raw (Dry Milling) Cargo Brown Rice.

              2- Par-Boiled Brown Cargo Rice.

              3- Raw (Dry Milling) White Rice.

              4- Par-Boiled Processed Rice.

              5- Steam Milled Rice.