Rana Muhammad Shabbir

Founder & CEO



Rice is my family business. I am from the famous KALAR BELT of Narowal-Shakargarh area of west Punjab. My family of paddy growers and farmers went into rice milling in 1998. Our growth has been phenomenon since then. We had a small locally fabricated rice milling unit with a capacity of husking 2 tons of rice paddy per hour in 1998. Today, we have a complete 2020 Satake unit with the capacity of husking, milling & processing 12 tons of rice paddy per hour mainly for EXPORT. The unit has a proven track record of milling 50,000 tons of rice paddies annually.

As family head, I have achieved two landmarks inmy life-a modern rice mill and an educated next generation that will gradually take over the operations from me. I made a name in the local rice market & wish my children to make a name in the global rice market.

I hope these few words about my background and current operations will motivate you to give my
professional team a chance to serve you to your satisfaction.

Rana Faisal Shabbir

Director (Exports)

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                    +92 333 7776056  




Currently, Rana Rice Mills exporting to Saudi Arabia, Italy, Greece , Netherlands and United Kingdom We are milling quality rice and selling under global food safety standards. We have among us, professionals with experience of marketing rice internationally.

Rana Rice is willing to consider any CONFIDENCE BUILDING MEASURES that you may suggest to develop MUTUAL TRUST for long term beneficial business relations.

I have widely travelled to rice markets of Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. My future destinations include USA and Canada.

Professionally Qualified & Experienced Team

Some of the most qualified and experienced professionals are part of our team to handle global supplies of rice. They are fully aware of the global market requirements. They have vast experience of export of rice especially Brown Basmati Cargo Rice to the EU.